Will the highest offer always win? Spoiler alert – nope!

Will the highest offer always win? Spoiler alert – nope!

Here are 4 reasons why a seller may not choose the highest offer: Last week we closed on a property where our buyer was 1of 51 offers and got the property. The plan made a difference.


1. A buyer brings an all-cash offer: A buyer paying cash means there won’t be any financing pitfalls — and sellers LOVE avoiding pitfalls.

2. A buyer can close ASAP: If a seller is antsy to get moving, an offer from a buyer who can close quickly will zoom to the top of the stack. 

3. A buyer shares their story. Sometimes buyers want sellers to know exactly why their house is “the one.” And sometimes, that’s all it takes for a seller to agree — especially if a seller has lived in the home for decades and their move is a sentimental one. 

4. A buyer doesn’t ask for contingencies. A common contingency is that a buyer must sell his or her home before buying. Sellers love when an offer is free and clear of cumbersome contingencies totally out of their control.

It’s true — you want to go in with a strong offer price-wise, but that’s not the only thing sellers are looking for. Sellers want an offer that’s competitive, clean, AND close-to-asking price — the closer you can get to all 3, the better! 

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