Should I make Repairs Before Selling?

Should you make repairs to your home before you sell? 

A stat: According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), around 37% of contracts fall through because of repair issues sellers could have addressed before listing their property.  

This alone shows that while your home doesn’t have to be perfectly flawless, you should invest time and money to get it in working order. Here are a few must-fix items. (And trust us, if you don’t fix these now, you’ll be doing it later, promise! 

• Faulty wiring

• Grading and drainage issues

• Roof leaks and shingle problems

• Foundation issues

• Heating and air-conditioning problems

• Plumbing and septic issues 

When in doubt, ask an agent what to address before listing. Chances are you’ll recoup some or all of the cost you put in when you sell.

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