Shawn Cusack

Shawn has called Southern California his home for his entire life. He grew up in the valley for the first part of his life then his family moved to Ventura county area. He then moved to San Diego for college and graduated witha a Bachelor's degree from San Diego State University. Working as a commercial talent agent through college and for a few years following gave him the experience for what it takes to succeed in a tough industry where relationships are paramount and hard work is a must.

Shawn got an opportunity to move into the real estate industry at a fast-growing startup. That company that grew to owning 50,000+ single family homes and publicly traded in a matter of 4 years.That experience was incredibly rewarding. More importantly, this is where he met his wife.

After a trip to Scotland, of all places, the opportunity of joining forces with Jamie Pearson materialized. With a background in customer service, negotiation, and overall desire to help people succeed in their goals Shawn has continued to grow his career in real estate. The Pearson | Cusack Real Estate Group is now recognized as a Chairman's Diamond Circle receipient, Top Half of 1% nationwide. 

Shawn and his wife Brittany have two boys, James and Jackson and two dogs Indie and Leia. He absolutely loves to cook and "plays" golf!